507 Bloomfield Ave, 2nd Floor
Montclair, NJ 07042

Arterial is a full-service, collaborative Street Design Studio. We work with downtowns across the state to create pedestrian-centric streets and public spaces that encourage social interaction, connectivity and economic vitality. In 2009, we began work focused on street design – Streets That Do More™ . Since then we’ve branched out, applying what we learned about the pedestrian experience to other spaces including office parks, mixed-use developments, parks and trails. Our diverse team of Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers and Urban Designers are advocates for Streets That Do More™ . That means we do our homework. We put in the time to consider all the possible angles and points of view a pedestrian might have, both literally and figuratively. We see the bigger picture, anticipating how to best address pedestrian needs through sound planning, design and construction practices. Collecting all that data drives our creative process, giving us a strong foundation for when the time comes to put pen to paper and shovels to the ground.

NJ Downtown Conference Session

Arterial is a Session Sponsor of the NJ Downtown Conference, which helped to make our Big Data to Tell Your Story panel discussion possible. Check it out at 2:15PM.